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Animal Help Alliance NFT collection
1,000 Uniquely generated Pit Bulls. No two are exactly alike.
Animal Help Alliance specializes in rescuing the underdog, the broken and the hard to adopt animals in our community. We have created this special NFT artwork for our rescue Pit Bulls or who we like to call "Pibbles".  Proceeds of sales and resale royalties will go back to the rescue allowing us to expand our efforts to continue our mission in helping to find our loving pit bulls the perfect home.

How to buy a Rescue Pibble NFT on OpenSea

    Get a crypto wallet
  • I recommend Coinbase Wallet
    – Download the app on your smartphone or as a web browser extension
  • Write down somewhere safe the 12 word phrase 
    – No one can recover this if you loose it
    Sign up at
  • Click on the Profile icon or Wallet icon
  • Connect to Coinbase Wallet
    – Sign / authorize from the app on your phone or if you chose the web browser extension
  • Add Funds
    – Click the Wallet icon on top right
    – Buy Ethereum (plus $50 extra for "gas fees", if any)
  • Bridge your Ethereum to Polygon
    – Detailed instructions here
  • Buy the Rescue Pibble that you like most

Percentage of proceeds

    Initial Sales:
  • 70% to Rescue Owner
  • 15% to Community Leader
  • 15% to Artist
    Resale Royalties:
  • 70% to Rescue Owner
  • 10% to Community Leader
  • 10% to Artist
  • 10% to Seller

Claim Schedule

    Founders and Fundraiser:
  • April 19 - May 08, 2022
    – Fundraiser event on April 30, 2022
    General Public:
  • May 08 and on

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    1,000 uniquely generated Pit Bulls. No two are exactly alike.
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What is crypto art or an NFT?

    The characteristics:
  •  It’s permanent. 
    Just like everything on a blockchain
  • Cannot be replicated. 
    That's why we use the term NFT: non-fungible token
  • Cannot be counterfeited. 
    Only one model can be linked to one address
  • Public ledger that proves ownership.
    Anyone can use a blockchain explorer like etherscan

What do I do with my newly purchased NFT?

    There are 3 types of buyers:
  • Collectors.
    Buy and never intend to sell
  • Holders.
    Buy to sell in a few years.
  • Flippers.
    Buy to flip quickly.
No matter what you choose, your purchase will benefit the rescue for a very long time.