Classmate Team-Up Feature

With so many students transitioning to online education and public school as well, Google Classroom was ready for them in their time of need. Among online learning, peer interaction is decreased. This new feature will help boost peer interaction, enthusiasm for learning and reduce the burden on the teacher.


Project Origin
Feature Add-on for an Existing Product
Secondary and Competitor Research
User Interviews
Goals Venn Diagram
Feature Roadmap
Site Map
Task Flow and User Flows
Responsive LoFi Wireframes
Icon Design
HiFi Desktop Prototype
User Testing and Revisions

How to increase peer interaction and improve learning while taking online classes?

User Interviews
Theater teacher at a private school
Mom of 3 elementary students in public school
New college student recently transitioned to online learning

Process Highlights

User Flows
I soon found that there are three main user flows to consider when implementing this feature: the student needing help, the high achiever student and the teacher.
How to start the conversation?
How to encourage helping others?
How to keep focused on assignment?
Student Needing Help
Lower grade prompts student to Team-up with a classmate
Student has option to choose a different classmate
High Achiever Student
Can opt out of helping other students
Can receive extra credit as an incentive
Includes opt-in for students as they join class
Creates the key learning points for each assignment to kickstart the conversation and help it stay focused
Can view all team-up conversations the same as class comments
Key Insights
After hearing feedback from fellow students, designers, teachers and the user himself, I decided to make revisions for the IA. These would become useful when thinking about future updates and it gave a better view of everyones involvement while using the app.
User Interface
While working within Google’s brand, I limited myself so that I could integrate this feature naturally. I saw that they already have areas to chat with the class and the teacher, so it would be acceptable to make a place for the peer-to-peer chat.
Make an introduction
Show the benefit of helping others
Create a new icon for this feature
Start of Team-Up Conversation
HiFi Prototype
User Testing Revision
Icon Design
Vector Choices
Final Icon
18 dp
24 dp
Icon used with interface
Key Insights
I needed to find a way to start the conversation between students. I originally thought they could connect with a separate Google app, but I soon saw room enough for all three conversations within this app. I also designed a new icon based on Google's Material Design standards and restrained the use of it to fit with their current interfaces without disruption.
Future Updates
Student can give teacher feedback about each assignment
When teacher presents a video, it streams on each computer separately to reduce audio / video lag
Map out scenario when both students don’t know the answer
Opt out completely of classmate team up after having participated
A way for the teacher to participate in conversation. Would it be voluntary or would the student have to prompt the teacher in order to chat.
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