The Past Has Arrived

The founder of Virgin Atlantic has a new venture, Time Travel Tourism. After a long struggle with Elon Musk, Virgin has been able to make time travel tourism available to all. The customer will have to physically travel to the Virgin Zeit headquarters in Germany, where they will be sent through the time travel process to the time and space they have purchased online.


Project Origin
Responsive Travel Booking Website
Secondary and Competitor Research
User Interviews
Goals Venn Diagram
Feature Roadmap
Card Sorting
Site Map
Task Flow and User Flows
Responsive LoFi Wireframes
Branding Style Guide
UI Kit
Responsive HiFi Pages
HiFi Desktop Prototype
User Testing and Revisions

How to make the strange new idea of time traveling familiar and attainable?

User Interviews
Lawyer who takes weekend trips with family 
Disabled couple who are in wheelchairs
Wife of a blind man who travels by himself and together

Process Highlights

Hero Progression
I discovered that this user persona would be a bit different. The Getaway Weekender is the persona to help guide my design decisions for Zeit from here on out.
Communicate time travel
Avoid information overload
Fast way to see a list of destinations
HiFi Prototype
User Testing Revision
Key Insights
The users take this hero section like 'cliff notes' for the whole site and their experience after. I underestimated the importance of the hero for them because I thought a minimal approach would have helped the user find a trip faster.
Language needed to be more specific to actual time traveling because users thought it was VR
CTA button
More tags were added because users gravitated towards that type of information
This is a key part of any travel site and I assumed Zeit would be the same. I studied the design patterns of popular travel sites such as: Google Flights, Expedia, Airbnb, and Virgin Atlantic.
Advanced search section is common for travel sites
Predictive search results
HiFi Prototype
User Testing Revision
Key Insights
Everyone expected the search to be in the navigation header and they also were expecting it with the hero. I also experimented with the idea to have the search bar towards the end of the page and observe what the users thought about that as well.
Not necessary to have dates as a search input because the trips are not dynamic like normal travel sites
Categories and sub-category filtering was easier for users
Destinations List
I found that the customer would want three main things: Understand what Zeit is all about, explore and find a trip, and compare trips.
Concise info will help user to find a trip fast
Family oriented trips are priority for user
Compare and planning features
HiFi Prototype
User Testing Revision
Key Insights
The users took a lot more time on the destinations page than I anticipated. They liked to explore before committing to clicking on one specific trip. They also liked the timeline feature to explore trips.
Added the compare feature with this list view
Tags instead of paragraphs was easier for the user
I wanted the logo to communicate more feeling than just a symbol or metaphor. I decided to communicate the feeling of movement going back in time in a simple contemporary style.
Fira Sans

Light & Regular
8px grid
The Past Has Arrived
the past is bright
the past starts today
Yesterday is here
rewind history
Headings and Paragraphs
Martin Luther King Jr.’s ‘I Have A Dream’ Speech
Within a couple of hours, thousands were pouring through the stations every five minutes, while almost two buses a minute rolled into DC from across the country. About 250,000 people showed up that day.
Destinations to the Past
Featured Trips
Construction of the Eiffel Tower
First Steps on the Moon
Trip Duration
4 days
Next Available Trip
Oct. 12
UI Elements
Future Updates
Overall, the users like the look of the site. They also liked to explore trips and the itinerary section would be useful to them when planning a trip for the family. However, it is a challenge to communicate actual time traveling.
Build out a full compare trips page
Integrate live plane flights to Zeit HQ on booking page
Research and design a better Video Promo section on homepage
Test Search feature in depth
Try Desktop Prototype





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